Day: November 8, 2017

Quick Start to a Powerful Personality

A valuable book for the Youth which encourages them towards the art of shaping their Personality. Written by an experienced Human Resource Mentor, this book is easy to read and follow. 10 powerful chapters essential for a successful personality in the modern world has been covered with practical action oriented points. The Life History of 10 Powerful Personalities in India has been featured in the book as value addition. A popular book which has been widely acclaimed for its presentation and content, this is a resource book for every youth.

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PLACEMENT – Personal Guide for Success

A professional reference book that has been written keeping in mind the need for students to develop a positive attitude and skill towards being successful in placement opportunities that are vital for their career development. As an easy to read book, it contains 10 placement plus chapters, apart from personal power appendix. The highlight of the books is the valuable inputs from industry experts.

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Social Work Handbook

A well written book with enriching contents in the field of Social Work to enhance the quality of Professional Practice by providing inputs about the essential requirements of skills and competency; orientation to the various field of Social Work practice and the role of the Social Worker; standards and structure of Social Work in India etc. The other segment of the book which covers the aspect of Career Development for Young Social Work Graduates provides a comprehensive view of the various career options in India within the Government, Corporate, Non-Governmental setup. Add on features like important organizations, FAQ's, Glossary, International Days, and a brief sketch of Personalities involved in Social Work Practice in India is a new concept that has not been covered before.

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Restless Birds

'An Enchanting book of Short Stories, authored by a Child Prodigy Ms. E. Reflin, this is very refreshing to read. Captivated by life experiences as an young girl with dreams. 12 Stories which conveys messages of Love, Nature, Happiness, Wit and Humour, Moral Values etc, this book is a wonderful depiction of the world and its neighbourhood from the eyes of an Young Girl.

The Book contains vivid illustrations by the author itself. Reflin has worked magic with her fine sketches to support her natural way of storytelling to be compelling for the reader. This would be a best gift for any youngster in the family."

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