About Nicholas

FRANCIS Publications has been and ‘Conceived in Mind and Constructed with the Heart’ by
Nicholas Francis
, a person for whom Reading and Writing has not only just been a passion, but more emphatically and energetically is continuing to be a ‘Way of Life’.

The ideation process to launch an entity to be part of the professional world of Publication is just not something that came off the wind all of a sudden. The early college day’s life at St. Joseph’s College, at Tiruchirappalli must also be credited as a motivational factor for this blossoming out now.

The Writing experience started then with contribution to the Indian Express Newspaper, which later on stretched to The Hindu and The College Magazines, Social Magazines and a whole lot of Publications. The Sheer Joy of seeing the words that bubbled out of the mind, which flowed through the Fountain Ink Pen to finally be set to Letter Press in a Printed Format, can never be compared to anything more satisfying to a creator and a thinker.

As a Natural Writer with an Enriching Experience in the Field of Social Work Administration and Development Initiatives, this Passionate Writer has set foot on a Journey as a Professional Publisher and thus was born FRANCIS Publications during the Year 2013.