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Pre-Release Offer

Happy to present a ‘Pre – Release Offer’ for my book on Thoughts in Tamil. “Ennangal Vaalkaiyin Vannangal” Set for launch very soon……stay connected.

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Discover your life

Life is not a Dress Rehearsal – ‘You got only one Shot at the Game of Life’. Be Prepared to live it well, making the best of now and utilize the present to the fullest. Sometimes we find people as ‘Walking Encyclopedias and Living Failures’   The World today needs more ‘TQP’s – Total Quality People’. […]

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MAD-Make A Difference

This world is all about ordinary persons accomplishing extraordinary tasks to ‘make a difference’ in the society that they live in. Most often when they dare to be different, they succeed with supreme confidence. The step forward to be counted to MAD is to take the initiative with steadfast commitment to ‘Personal Development’ with enrichment […]

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