Festive Mood at Madurai

Madurai is an historical town that has many traditions and heritage connected to the social fabric of the region. Every aspect of the social life has a cultural significance which can easily catch up with persons who happens to visit the city. The imposing towers of Meenaksi Temple with all its splendour are a sparkling edifice that will capture the attention of people.

The city is ever bustling with festivals and ceremonies that are devotional, cultural, and heritage oriented. All through the year various kinds of festivals that are special to the town are celebrated by all sections of the people. Yet, during the Navaratri Celebrations that area around the Meenakshi Temple is decked with pomp and gaiety that adds colour and spirit to city. People flock to the Meenakshi Temple not only to offer prayers but also take part in the rich cultural festivities attached the Golu Celebrations.

The evenings are special and the best time to walk around the Meenakshi Temple, as it is lit up with eye catching lights and decorated with flowers that give a soothing effect to the eye and the mind. People who come to the temple seem more relaxed and calm to get themselves immersed in the spirit of Golu Celebrations, an aspect which is very appreciable. There seems to be a very positive vibration, since there is dance, music devotional speeches and a splendid display of dolls and varied articles that are uniquely significant with the Golu. We could see the young and the old participate with great enthusiasm and share a special bond of friendship all through the season which leads up the festival of lights ‘Deepavali’.

It is perhaps the best time of the year to be in Madurai and enjoy its beauty.  

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