MAD – Make A Difference

This world is all about ordinary persons accomplishing extraordinary tasks to ‘make a difference’ in the society that they live in. Most often when they dare to be different, they succeed with supreme confidence.
The step forward to be counted to MAD is to take the initiative with steadfast commitment to ‘Personal Development’ with enrichment so that they can contribute to the empowerment of ‘Social Development.’ It must also be started emphatically that the youth of the Nation are called upon to develop themselves and integrate their personal growth with that of the Nation as true Nation Builders.
Today’s youth in general gets a chance to be exposed to Leadership Training and Motivational Program on Leadership. Whatever inputs that they get from learned faculties will go in vain, if they are not able to translate their learning into positive action. 
The motivation and ignition has to come from within to be catalyst for change and for that they have to be mentored to get into the process of MAD.
I was truly blessed to have made use of an opportunity to mentor the youth in a leadership program recently to get enlightened towards the process of MAD.

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