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Quick Start to a Powerful Personality

A valuable book for the Youth which encourages them towards the art of shaping their Personality. Written by an experienced Human Resource Mentor, this book is easy to read and follow. 10 powerful chapters essential for a successful personality in the modern world has been covered with practical action oriented points. The Life History of 10 Powerful Personalities in India has been featured in the book as value addition. A popular book which has been widely acclaimed for its presentation and content, this is a resource book for every youth.

Vetri Mugam

Personality Development Book in Tamil, with a n easy reading format, that will serve as a motivational book for the Tamil speaking young persons. This Book is written with an Indian Perspective so that the reader can easily relate to it and benefit out of it. Well received by Schools and colleges, this book has 10 Chapters starting with a Couplet from ‘Thirukural’, and then travels down to introduce the concepts and aspects of Personality Development.

Ennangal Vaalkaiyin Vannangal

A Comprehensive family guide published in Tamil language on the world of ‘Thoughts’ and its influence on life. It has been written out of experience in the field of human resource mentoring for the youth over the past 20 years. This book is powerfully loaded with 20 chapters which are easy to read and understand well supported with eye catching images. It will empower the reader towards achieving personal excellence in life with a soothing experience based on a mentoring approach which is very essential in the modern day world which is competitive and challenging.

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