Mockery of the process of Counselling!

The new era of television programming in Tamil Nadu has inadvertently taken upon itself the process of conducting family counselling just like an entertainment item,with an attitude of “I am the Healer”, which is nothing but a sheer mockery. This cheap practice of playing with the emotions of people through the talk shows, wherein the host is projected as a moral counsellor for family issues is not a very welcome step considering the larger welfare of the society. 

The reality shows which features a popular face, without any professional qualification and expertise in counselling as the host to deal with intricate human relationship issues within the family is a derogatory portrayal of the social and moral status of the families. No professionally qualified Social Work personnel would accept what is played out on the small screen as an acceptable solution to the issues that are discussed. At times it is disgusting to observe the questions and the state of the conversations that are being conducted on such shows. 

The poor hapless persons who are being featured on the show do not know how they are manipulated and projected to the society. To add insult to the wound, more than the actual show itself the promo is over hyped way beyond reality, to create a sensation among the viewers. It is very pathetic to witness the sorry state of insensitivity to very painful human issues which affects all and sundry.

One must remember that Family Counselling is a very professional practice which is based on many aspects like Confidentiality, Trust and Professional approaches to therapeutic interventions etc. It is no secret that such counseling must be handled by professionally qualified and experienced persons, knowing what they are doing and what is expected of them, not just decked up with glitz and glamour. 

The centrality of the issue here, is that what needs to be handled very carefully within a closed set up is played up with drama under full lights, bringing the bad side of it to the drawing rooms in prime time, which is glaring to all sections of viewers. 

For one little moment, one must imagine what impact these programs would create in the minds of young boys and girls who are just entering the adulthood phase?, since most of the programs featured involves extra marital affairs, illicit relationships and cases of domestic violence. The manner in which they are projected will sow seeds of moral degradation in the young and fertile minds, which will cause more harm to them than positive benefits. 

On the other side, I also wonder why these poor people go to the television channels for sorting out their personal issues. There are many organized and well established Family Counselling Centers with professionally qualified experts to give them a better relief than what those on the reality shows could provide.  It is high time they realize the need of upholding their very own ‘self dignity, irrespective of the conditions they live in either by circumstance or by choice.

I have carefully avoided taking names of any particular host or the TV Channel, maybe because they all seem to be sinking in the same rot. Moreover, it can also be taken that the professional ethics within me is still intact. Yet, I cannot end this blog post without posing a crucial question as to ‘who is to be blamed for this social menace which is spreading its dangerous claws on the social fabric?’

Self dignity being sold on a soap opera!!!

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