Thoughts about Life in the Countryside

Stepping out of my house and driving through the countryside for some fresh air was certainly an experience that I would cling on to for a long time. My intention to go out to the country side, not very far off from where I live was to take a refreshing break from mundane activities that I was stuck with. The hectic life with pulls and pushes are enough to burn out the calmness within, moreover when we need to rejuvenate ourselves so as to keep the spirit glowing in us, such an attempt to go out of the circle for while rather helps.

The first aspect that caught my attention was the greenery around from the paddy fields. Birds and Cattle were on their own course without any disturbance from people around. It was so soothing to the eye, a significant respite from the images of the concrete blocks that are filled in our vision. The lush green paddy fields brought in a great amount of freshness to the soul, which has taken a lot of battering off late. I was immersed in the tranquility of the environment and felt that the vibrations all over me leading to some deeper questions and inferences on my life as well.

Since it was an evening around sunset, there was lot of activities that were silently going on in the surroundings. The workers were getting back to their households after a hard day’s physical work that keeps them going strong and healthy. It is not a coincidence that a thought like this struck me “When you are physically toiling, you are in the best shape of your life”. We are more often used to mentally toil and physically go out of shape!

I was able to see a lot of students get back to their homes in a bicycle after attending to school that were within the city limits. Many young girls and boys were fearlessly riding back home, though tired they were seen in a jolly good mood to go back home. The heaviness of their school bags was not casting any negative feel on their overall personality. I often wondered if we ever could leave our children to go home alone after school. We pamper them and go out of our way to arrange personal transport and get them tracked till they reach home. I guess that’s why the countryside students are all the more better equipped to overcome adversities as they grow up. They are better prepared to face life in practical terms.

The simplicity of the people living in the outskirts was yet another aspect that kept on lingering in my mind for a very long time even after I had returned home. They are easily approachable and have no weight in the heads with unwanted illusions about people. You stop them for a question and they come to you with a naïve smile on their faces to answer you with all sincerity. The city bread individuals are to take a lesson or two from these simple souls who strike with their grace.

The general social fabric is so networked that they would notice any new entrant into their environment; moreover they stand united to overcome any difficulty experienced for anyone within their space and surrounding. This is very reassuring and keeps people in good faith despite the age group.

All in all, my sojourn at Panagandi Village at the outskirts of Madurai gave me a new perspective for the day, which will last for a very long time in my mind. 

More to come ………..

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